Animals love to communicate. They communicate in a telepathic way. They have their own energy vibrations the same as we do.
As an animal communicator I am able to tune into their vibrations and ask them anything you need to know.

Each animal is an individual, some outgoing, some shy; some want to communicate non-stop, some are slow and cautious at first and some do not want to communicate at all.

In addition to communicating directly with an animal in situ, Julie can also communicate distantly by looking at a photograph, including animals in the spirit world.

Julie has a wealth of experience with horses. Many owners wish to know about past owners and why their horses have particular issues.



Note for Animal Communication:

Julie does not need any detailed information about your animal prior to a communication.

All communications either by photograph or a home visit are by appointment only.

Please take a moment to read the Disclaimer page.

For further information, or to book an appointment, please visit the Price List page.

Sleepy Dog   Communication with Horse




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