"A friend thought it would be interesting to witness how Julie interacts/communicates with horses, so she booked Julie to come and see my horse who I have been having movement problems with over the past 4 years. He has had extensive tests, even spent 11 days in Leahurst, who could not provide anything specific. So I had to soldier on and hope that whatever treatment I choose, it would help him.

Julie gave a 100% accurate assessment of his personality even down to the time of day I feed him. I knew I had a special relationship with him from the moment I set eyes on him some 10 years ago, but Julie had no idea how long I had owned him or what problems we had been having. My main worry was that he was in pain, well Julie soon put me right on that worry, as my horse told her he was not in any pain and only had an ache on his shoulder, and this wasn't a problem, so what was I bothered about? This reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. He will be 20 in July. When asked how he was feeling, his reply was 'like a spring chicken' and believe me there is only me who knows how true that is, as recently he has been giving me the exciting rides we used to have years ago.

So thanks Julie and my friend Ann."


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