Emma Calvert

"I was sceptical at first when my friend booked Julie to come to my horse (Angel). My friend has only told Julie my horses name and nothing else. Julie spoke to Angel and told me that she wasn't happy because she had been on loan and was sulking as a result and it was generally payback time for me and that she was jealous of my 8-month-old son. Julie explained to Angel that I was not going to put her on loan again and that I would be looking after her as much as possible. Angel was happy with this and then said sorry to me for sulking and also said that she would try and bond with my son. Before Julie arrived Angel was stood at the back of her stable facing the corner with her ears back. Once Julie had finished with Angel she was like a different horse, she was stood at the front of her stable facing us and nuzzling me with her ears forward. What Julie did was truly amazing and I am no longer sceptical about horse whispering/animal communication. I recommend Julie to anybody who has problems with their horse and also to anybody who just wishes to find out a little bit more about their horse.

Many thanks Julie for helping me out with Angel (who now lives up to her name!)

Emma x"


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