Jo Swift

"Hi Julie,

I just want to say thank you for changing the life of my horses and myself.

F is doing fantastic. After your reading, I decided to change the way I deal with him. I always thought he was a soft, unconfident horse with no self esteem. After he told you "he was a top eventer, just can't be arsed" I started doing more with him and now the horse that made out he was frightened of even trotting poles, is flying over 4ft jumps with his ears pricked as though they aren't there! He is loving every challenge i'm throwing at him!

W is just lovely now. We have a bond like never before, he doesn't frighten me now, I know he won't hurt me and it actually feels as though he is looking after me. I have a greater understanding of how he ticks and everything you said in the reading that would happen has. I look at both my horses in a different way and our quality of life has improved tenfold. Thank you so much for helping us have a better understanding of each other, I don't know what the future would have held for any of us if we hadn't found you. xxx"


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