"Just to say that I met Julie very recently following a talk at the local bridleways group and although initially sceptical I was really intrigued so brought along some photos of my horses (past and present) as requested. During the talk I was so overwhelmed when Julie started speaking to me about my old horse, Sol who I had lost 18 months previously. As Julie will remember it was quite emotional and I was so moved and amazed by the accuracy of what was said that I booked her to see my new horse, as we had been having a few issues and I was intrigued as to generally how he was feeling.

I can honestly confirm that the visit was incredible - not only did she tell me the most accurate information, she was there for about three and a half hours and this was all for the same price! Seems my lad was a bit of a chatterbox!!

She was able to describe things that had happened and tell me information that there was no way she could have known, including details of what had happened on a ride a few weeks previously during which only me and my lad were present. I was also more than a bit gobsmacked when she preceded to describe how my lad said he played a certain type of game with his headcollar which is specific to him. Also, how she pinpointed exactly where my lad had been sore, which had been diagnosed a few days previously by a registered physio. In addition my recently deceased horse, Sol also came through again and again she told me information that was not only accurate but comforted me a great deal as losing him was particularly difficult and traumatic.

To summarise, I advise anyone who is intrigued by this to contact Julie and see what happens, whether or not you are having a problems. I found it a fabulous experience and I certainly know that should I have any problems in the future I'd definitely contact Julie again. To me, after the things I was told I have no doubt to the validity and truth of her work.

Thanks again Julie."


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