Lindy, Amy, Sue and Emma

"Julie has been to see our horse today, who has had many issues and still has some issues through mismanagement. Julie's accuracy was amazing. Our horse talked and talked and talked and seemed to get lots off her chest. We were all totally dumbstruck (and believe me one of our hobbies is chatting so this was a miracle in itself). We asked lots of questions of Julie and also asked her to ask Shahnaz a lot of questions to which we got a lot of answers that made a lot of sense. After the visit Shahnaz seemed calmer, more serene and happy that she had told us a lot of what had been worrying her. She was far more less tense and totally chilled. Any sceptics out there, this lady really does have an incredible gift and I would recommend that anyone having difficulties or just want to know what is going on in their animal's mind do try Julie. She is just amazing."



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