Ruth Abraham

"Julie recently visited us to do a communication with Jess, a young horse I share. It was such a positive experience. Julie told us that Jess was really well and generally reassured us that she was happy in what she does. As well as giving us a good giggle about the way Jess talks (fluffy, highpitched and excitable!) Julie also passed on little personal details that were scarily (and embarrassingly) accurate such as my singing when out hacking.

We were at our first competition the day after Julie's visit and she gave us loads of hints and tips to help Jess out as well as giving me loads of confidence. She even predicted we would do well and we did!

All in all i would recommend Julie to anyone - even the sceptical and those who don't consider their animal to have problems. The peace of mind that comes from being told your horse is happy and content is worth its weight in gold!

Thankyou again!"


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