Tracey Brookes

"Julie did a talk for me in front of 70 people!!!! What a great night we had, she gave us a fabulous insight into what she does best, which is 'talking to horses'. Faced with 70+ photographs laid out on a table we all waited to see what she could do. Wow! Weren't we pleasantly surprised!. Of course she didn't tell us things about all of them but picked out those that 'talked'. I would think for most of us to realise that Julie really has got something was when she asked if anybody had a young foal that had died. I think there was about 3 people in the room that this applied to. The foal was there in spirit, a coloured, that narrowed it down to one person. This person gave her a photo of it that she kept in her purse. Julie told us it was only young when it died and she started to experience tightening in her own throat at that point. Sam who's foal it was told us it was the only one she had foaled at stud and it tore an artery which filled the lungs with fluid, hence julie's feeling of not being able to breathe. We were all hooked then. I wouldn't hesitate to ask Julie to give another talk because whilst being very interesting she has a great sense of humour."


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