Vicky Howarth and Duster

Julie was asked to communicate with a fab horse who will be representing us in the Para Olympics in Japan. Julie has communicated with him before and he has now gained confidence and he explained how he enjoyed showing off like the other posh horses that he now competes against. He couldn't wait to show Julie his posh new saddle, which his sponsors have provided. He also told her about the unusual coloured animal he had seen when out on a hack, showing her the red colour of a fox which was confusing as a fox is not unusual. Turned out to be a Red Squirrel!!!. You dont see many of these in Manchester. His stable mate Scooby chipped in about the music he was listening to, telling Julie that two ladies that muck his stable out and the morning lady plays better music ...Motown! The second lady in the afternoon plays music that he doesn't really like as its too fast and loud and Julie was told by Duster's owner, Vicky Howarth that the second lady listens to dance music.

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Vicky and Duster

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