Amanda and Tommy - Australia

"I actually don’t even know where to start 😢😢😢😢 When we went to see Tommy at his first race back on Saturday we noticed he had no spark and wasn’t the same boy he always was! He has always been a fiesta firey horse to say the least. He seemed withdrawn, lacked any connection and when Barb who has had him since a foal when to stroke him he pulled away instead of to her! I asked Julie if she could speak to Tommy. He wouldn’t talk for days and was shut down and when he did open up he kept saying he missed his friend and doesn’t like his new rider and the word cancer.

Tommy’s old trainer bred, broke and trained Tommy up until December last year when he sadly passed away from cancer. Tommy and Bill were very close and he wasn’t trained like one of the usual racehorses. He lived on 10acrea in a big paddock at the back of Bill and Barbs house. When Bill died Tommy had to move to a new trainer so he not only lost his Dad he lost his home and everything he ever knew. Up until then Tommy had won a lot of big races and was set to be a top racehorse but since Bill died he has hardly placed. He told Julie he wants to stop racing and doesn’t like his new rider 😢😢😢

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