Charlie and Kye

"I met Julie in a very nice way, I was going through a time where I thought I wanted a change, I have horses and wanted to go into eventing but unfortunately the horse I have is too old to do so and suffers with arthritis.

I came to the decision that I would put my horse up for loan, even though the thought of letting my best friend go was killing me inside.

Anyway, Julie saw Charlie’s ad on the internet and called me. She told me that she was a Reiki healer she said she was interested in Charlie for herself and could she help to heal him? I had heard of reiki before and was very willing and told her to go ahead.

Well, what I got was nothing like I expected, Julie can actually talk to animals! She told me that Charlie was sad cause his mum didn’t spend enough time with him and that his back left leg was quite sore. Unbeknown to Julie, Charlie had quite a bad surface injury on that exact leg! She then had a chat with a pony I just rescued, all I did was send a photo of his head, and Julie came back telling me that he had had a bad start in life that he had lost his tail due to men being too forceful at trying to get him into a trailer and then shutting the ramp too soon and that he has dizzy spells.

Julie didn’t know that Kye had no tail and suffers from panic attacks so this wasn’t just coincidence. I’ve become good friends with Julie and it’s so nice too find someone who is so genuine and caring I wish I had her gift but I suppose only the really special people get that.

Julie has helped my horses so much. I know how to make them even happier now and she has shown me that I really couldn’t and didn’t want to let my best friend go, she came just in the nick of time!

Julie is continuing to treat my horses in return for riding lesson’s which by the way are going very well.

Thanks for everything Julie I’ve found a great new friend!!!"


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Julie and Charlie


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