Cassie and Max

"I would like to thank Julie very much for communicating with Max. i found it all very interesting and very specific. I still cannot belive the things she said and knew about Max, it was fantastic. Her communication with him has helped to expalin a lot of Max's behaviour, especially him being claustrophobic, as I could never understand why he would play up for me on hacks in certain areas, such as quiet narrow lanes with trees all around. Also, Julie knew that i used to play the radio for him at my old stables and that I sing to him when we're out hacking. She even knew about his previous owner and the treats he used to get from them which was very specific and true and i will make sure that he gets plenty of his faviourite treats - liquorice! I feel as though I have a better understanding of my horse now that I know how he feels and that he is happy. Thank you very much i will tell all of my horsey friends about you, Cassie x"


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