"I feel that Julie found us through another friend who'd had a reading done on the yard where I kept my 17.2 Clydesdale mare Pearl.

My friend had all four horses read in total. Julie had knowledge of the horses that only certain people knew, which I found amazing and I felt that I would like to see what my horse had to say for herself which turned out to be lots!!

I had not met Julie personally at this point and my friend gave her the photo and said nothing else. The previous weej I had a scare on the road when out on a hack which I didn't discolse, to find out if Julie would come back with anything, and yes, my horse described it perfectly to Julie in detail. Only myself and friend who witnessed this knew how Pearl had behaved. Unknown to me Pearl was bored with this particular hack and a little bird in a tree had startled her. Pearl also explained to Julie that she did not want to live on the other side of the yard and wanted to move not yards but stable. Pearl named all the horses she wanted to be with. Pearl has only been stabled once when i first bought her nearly four years ago, which again only certain people knew.

Pearl had an accident on the yard which could have been very serious, she slipped after being scared by another horse and her front and back leg became trapped under the fence. It took five of us to get her out.

Pearl stayed extremely calm and helped us push her out and back on her feet. I feel it would have been a very different story if Julie had not been there to keep her calm.

Julie did some healing for Pearl who had asked for some pain relief as she was sore and bruised. Pearl explained that she was grateful to all of us for helping her out. I think this is a special gift that Julie uses. Some people choose not to believe in this gift. Believe me it is amazing to watch and it has helped me to understand my horses needs and wants. I would recommend Julie to anybody.

Julie has also worked on my cheeky and funny black labrador Holly."


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